Prescription Guide

Steps to Follow When Comparing Prescription Drug Prices


Comparing the prices of drugs just like having a discount medication card is a great way of saving money when buying prescription drugs. Here are some of the steps that can be followed when comparing the prices of the medications.


The first step is to find if there is a generic version. This is a drug that is similar to a brand drug only that it is not patented. Because it is not patented it tends to be cheaper. A generic drug is as effective as the brand medication. When a drug is prescribed to a person, it is advisable to ask the doctor if a generic version is available. If there is a generic version available, go online to find the stores selling the medication at the lowest price.


The next step is to determine whether the drug prescribed to you is listed in your payer's formulary. This is a list of drugs and co-pays. When a doctor prescribes the drugs to a person, one should go to the formulary and find where the drug is listed. To ensure that money is saved, a person should always go for drugs that are on lower tiers. This drugs always tend to be more cheaper.


The step that follows is to access comparison ePharmacies websites. Once a person has established what the options are among low-tiered, branded and generic medications, one should visit epharmacies and see what they offer. The best thing is that there are many sites that an individual can use. There are reputable sites like that deal with pharmacy help and consumer reports where best drugs can be bought. When making the cost comparisons do not forget to include the costs of shipping. There are chances that the prices on one website might seem lower, but the shipping charges can make the drug be expensive.


An individual should be aware of the legal and safety consideration for ordering from epharmacies at Once you have identified a drug store offering low prices go ahead and order the drugs. When ordering, be very careful and make sure that the drugs are safe. You should ensure that the drugs are legal to avoid poisoning.


A thorough research should be done on the reputation of the online stores before parting with the hard earned money.Review sites are one of the best places to do such researches. Different people will give information about different online store. If you want to learn more about prescription, you can visit